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Born in Uppsala, Sweden - where I studied natural science at college, sang in choirs and learned how to play the violin. After doing my National Service as a sea captain, I dropped science for university studies in music theory. My hobby was to run, direct and from time to time write for two student theatre groups and arrange music for small and big ensembles. I also did a short stint as a violin teacher and was conducting my own choir.

After a year as an assistant director and producer at the Upsala Stadesteater I went to Dramatiska Institutet Film School, Stockholm, which included an all important trip to London as an exchange student at the Royal College of Art.

After winning the BAFTA Film Award for best short film with my graduation film ARTISTEN in 1988, I moved to London later that year. After making a string of documentaries for Channel Four and SVT I went on a trip to NY and LA with the First Film Foundation which landed me a development deal for a movie and the job of directing the short film Marooned which was again nominated for a BAFTA. As a result of this I finally entered the wonderful world of directing british drama for the BBC, ITV and, from time to time, SVT and Kanal 4 and other channels. Parallel to this, I developed and co-wrote scripts with a string of first class writers and producers.

In 2011 I was named Cultural Personality of the Year by The StockholmsKultur Foundation.

Always interested in the process of making ‘art’, I’ve started making films with friends who are painters, designers, poets, conductors, composers and virtuoso instrumentalists. I have also expanded into producing and of being an executive producer and of mentoring young filmmakers, directors and writers at the Metropolitan Film school (where I hold the title of senior lecturer) and the London Film School where I also give masterclasses.

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Un-edited interview by Andreas Lindström for his course work about documentaries and filmmaking in general. Starts in Swedish but soon we switch to english. 16 MINUTE CLIP