Jonas Grimas director


2020       The Running Man 2020 **

                Bilingual Fluency

                My Un-Eventful Life 135-139

                JG Directs New Talent V

                JG Directs New Talent IV

2019        Secret Chambers aka Tack för Maten **

                JG Directs New Talent III

                JG Directs New Talent II

                My Un-Eventful Life 127-134

2018        The Reveal **

                JG Directs New Talent I  

                JG Directs for DoP’s II

                My Un-Eventful Life 121-126

2017        Love and Lust According to Meisner **

                The Court of Redonda (Venice Biennale Presentation)

                My Un-Eventful Life 118-120

                JG Directs for DoP’s I

2016        The LFS Annual Screenwriters Showcase IV

                My Un-Eventful Life 107-117

2015        Ignoble Night **

                The LFS Annual Screenwriters Showcase III

                My Un-Eventful Life 87-106

2014        Fore! ** (PG Woodhouse)

                The LFS Annual Screenwriters Showcase II


                GoBe **

                12 Flemish proverbs

                My Un-Eventful Life 81-86

2013       A Shot of Green **

                A Shot of Snow **

                The LFS Annual Screenwriters Showcase I

                Making of a Contemporary Chiaroscuro Print **

                A Simple Flower **

                The Julia Florimo Showreel **

                Playing Dead (Director T O’Sullivan)

                The Honey Trap (Director T O’Sullivan)

                Mozart’s The Magic Flute

                My Un-Eventful Life 41-80

2012        Henry V

                The Forge

                Bach BWV 1052:3

                LA Swedes

                The Big Country No 5-11 **

2011        Julmarknad 2011 **

                The Big Country No 0-4 **

                The Farmer’s Wife

                Locked Up **

                Mozart Piano Concerto no 9 **

                ‘100‘ **

                Our School Days

                Painting Eurydice **

2010        Mike the Midwife

                300‘ **

                Delphine’s Top **

                A Shot of Glass **

                Elgar’s Trombone **

2009        MAKING IT - Faking it

                The War of the Roses

                My Un-Eventful Life 0-40

2008        Looking for Isabella

                Strike Up The Band

                England Expects

                Mixed Messages

                The Big Chill

2007        Danse Macabre

                A Brush With the Law

                Isprinsessan *

                Predikanten *

2006       Let sleeping dogs lie

                Give Peace A Chance

                Pretty Woman

                Old Scores

                Accidents Happen

                This Happy Breed

2005        Wallander - The Photographer *

                Wallander - The Tricksters *

                Living With the Past

                Family Ties


2004        Kommissionen -   1 Det händer inte här *

                Kommissionen -   4 Eftermäle

                Kommissionen -   8 Karlssonutredningen

                Kommissionen -   9 Den andra attacken

                Kommissionen - 10 En dag föds vi

                Little Angel 

                Hunter’s Moon 

                Secret’s and Lies *  

2003        Down to Earth 

                The Holiday Is Over

                Dog Days

2002        Mackerel Sky 

                Missing In Action 

                Bread & Circuses  

                Growing Apart *

                Caught In The Headlights

2001        No Hiding Place

                Russian Roulette

2000        Second Sight - Kingdom of the Blind

1999        Hope & Glory II - 3

                Where the Heart Is III - 14 Union

                Where the Heart Is  III - 13 The Letter

                Wonderful You pt’s 1&2

1998        The Hello Girls II - 1  Work to Rule

                The Hello Girls II - 2  The Pools

                The Hello Girls II - 3  Down Under

                The Hello Girls II - 4  Secret Admirer

1997        Silent Witness III - 1 An Academic Exercise

                Previous Life - Calders Cream Ale

1996        Hamish MacBeth  III - 1  The Honourable Policeman

                Hamish MacBeth  III - 4  The Good Thief

                Der Mistgabel

1995        Nudlar & 08’or I - 3 Love Power   

                Nudlar & 08’or I - 4 Borta Med Vinden

                Nudlar & 08’or I - 5 Happy Go Pink

                Nudlar & 08’or I - 8 Wannabees  

                Radioskugga I - 1 Radioskugga 

                Radioskugga I - 2 Flyter Kärlek På Pappersbåtar?

                Radioskugga I - 3 Botas Lappsjuka Med Trolltrumma?

                Radioskugga I - 4 Har Stenen Blivit Guld?

1994        Tre Kronor (Eps 7-9, 16-18, 25-27)


1993        2 short doc’s: Highland Mountain Rescue Dogs **

                2 short doc’s: Dowsing **

                The Sun & The Serpent

1992        4 short doc’s:  Jack the Ripper **

                4 short doc’s:  The Loch Ness Monster **

                4 short doc’s:  City Farm, Spitalfields **

                4 short doc’s:  Masks **

1991        A Fish In The Sky

                Milos Forman - Work In Progress  (not completed)


1990        Consuming Passions - The Maker of Things

                Consuming Passions - Punch & Judy

                Childsplay:  Kinship

                Childsplay:  Squeaky Toys


1989        Great English Cathedrals - Canterbury


1988        A Midsummer Nights Dream

                Lars Ekborg - Ett Porträtt

1987        Artisten (Aka The Artist)   

                My Father  

                (*)  =    Director & Writer / Co-writer

                (**) =    Director & producer

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Drama Medley

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Drama Medley

Drama Medley

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Co-writer / By Michael Boccalini


Writer / with Michael Boccalini

Writer / Inspired by a book by Anders Frigell

Writer / Adapted novel by Camilla Läckberg

Co-writer / Adapted novel by Camilla Läckberg

Co-writer / By Henning Mankell & Ola Saltin

Co-writer / By Henning Mankell & Petra Revenue

Co-writer / By Anders Lenhoff & Johan Liedgren

By Bernard Wright

By Julian Mitchell

Co-writer / By Ragnar Strömberg



Writer / with Dick Ross

Writer / with Stephan Apelgren 

2020        The Running Man 2020

2018         Secret Chambers

2017         Love and Lust According to Meisner

2014         It could have been worse...

2009         Fredrik och Ingun

2007        Isprinsessan


2005         Wallander - The Photographer

                 Wallander - The Tricksters

2004         Kommissionen Ep 1

2003         Frankie’s Comeback

2002         Tennyson’s Gift

1998-01    Il Piccolo Mondo

1993         Nils

1992         Götterdämmerung

1990-92    The Last Castrato

1987         The Artist

Filmography - Writer